World SportsBook Competition
presented by
Avantage Entertainment

is entering the global iGaming arena with an innovative new approach.


We are developing a portfolio of pool-based casino and sportsbook games

with a fresh approach, powered by the Avantage Competition Engine (ACE)

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Avantage Competition Engine - (ACE)

ACE enables a myriad of individual and group competition options. 

Sports league follower competitions are second-screen experiences which directly correspond to on-the-field action. 

In a similar manner, Avantage table game competitions will directly correspond to the live broadcasts of our table games streamed from the Avantage Game Studio in London and/or Asia.

Our games will raise the bar for iGaming 

by delivering live odds to newly styled social and real money competitions delivered through immersive entertainment.

ACE enables both live in-person competition and an unlimited number of persons from across the world to simultaneously compete in any type of game, including:
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Table Games
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Virtual Games
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Horse Racing
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Casino Slots

This will open up the Avantage Experience for fans across the world to challenge their friends, compete socially in leagues and/or in thousands of real money pools.

All of our competitions will be presented under the World SportsBook Competition (WSBC) umbrella.

Avantage Baccarat

A new kind of Baccarat is upon us - part entertainment TV, part social engagement, part online gaming – all blended into one unique experience.

Through live-streamed Baccarat games, fans will be able to digitally squeeze cards and bet along with, or against any of the six players at our table using their mobile devices or computers.

While competing against an unlimited number of people around the world, players’ progress will be tracked on leaderboards, stat-sheets and roads.

Avantage Baccarat takes the experience of live dealer Baccarat to another level. We invite you to judge the difference for yourself.

Avantage Baccarat is operating under an exclusive intellectual property license backed by 23 International utility patents in countries including:
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Avantage World SportsBook Competition

WSBC will soon begin supporting thousands of competitions between fans of the world’s top Premiere Football League clubs, including the English Premier League (EPL).

As with Avantage Baccarat and other Avantage Casino games, players will be able to challenge their friends, compete socially in leagues or in thousands of real money pools.

The world’s best athletes are celebrated for their skills. Yet, in the sportsbook world, no one knows the identities of the world’s best sportsbook players.

Now, that all changes with the World SportsBook Competition enabled by ACE.

World Championship
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Both the Avantage Baccarat World Championship and World Sportsbook Competition will be year-long, multi-level tournaments.

This new immersive competition model takes sportsbook competition to a new level and is available to everyone, with pool entry fees ranging from
$1 to $10,000.

Contestants will be able to either win - or buy their way up - into the finals potentially paying out up to $100 million.

Gaming Studio

Rather than just utilizing a traditional studio setting from which to broadcast/stream Avantage games, we have partnered with renowned, global architecture firm, Gensler, to create the Avantage Game Arena which will feature luxury suites aimed at the ultra-wealthy and their entourages.

We will be leading off with Avantage Baccarat, but the studio will accommodate all types of games which may be streamed across the world via the Avantage Platform to our B2B partners' websites for distribution.